Sustainable Tourism Development and Stewardship


The Coron Initiative- Capacity Building Series Green Leaders Forum- Train the Trainers Conference Workshop July 1-2, 2013

Coron, Palawan, PhilippinesThe Calamianes Cultural Conservation Network Inc.(CCCNI) and  the Society for Sustainable Tourism & Development, Inc.(STTDI) jointly organize The Coron Initiative Capacity Building & Training Conference & Workshop Series in Environmental Conservation, Sustainability & Social Responsibility 2013, as a showcase program of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)- Asia Pacific & the Asia and the Pacific Forum for Environment and Development (APFED).TCI CB-Series II July 2013

The Coron Initiative by the CCCNI embarks on Capacity Building (CB Series) & Training series to implement its program on Environmental Conservation, Social Responsbility & Sustainable Tourism Development and Stewardship, after the successful 1st Environmental Forum held last November 2011, wherein public and private stakeholders of Coron & Calamianes Islands forged a cooperation in environmental responsibilities, concerns and solutions.

To know more about the TCI-Capacity Building Objectives & details, click here.

TCI march 2013 CB Series

JOIN US. The Capacity Building & Training 2013 Series is open to ALL interested in Environment Conservation, Social Responsibility & Sustainable Tourism development & stewardship, triple bottom line businesses, and to concerned citizens and advocates of Sustainability & Climate Change mitigation. For participation and membership to the Green Leaders Forum, July 2013, click HERE.


  • Travel & tourism industry sector, tour operators, travel agents,
  • Public sector, Politicians/Statesmen, Public/civil servants: Government agencies, LGUs in charge of environment, governance, planning & development, tourism
  • Hospitality sector: hotels and resorts, restaurants, bars, (owners, managers, decision makers)
  • Tourism service & Eco/organic product providers: small and medium business owners, leisure (spa, beauty, food & health products/services)
  • Real estate & land owners, Developers, Contractors, Architects, Builders, Suppliers
  • Energy, Water, Organic farming & Recycling sectors
  • Land, water and air transport: Tour bus operators, Cruises/Ships; Airlines
  • Recreation and sports facilities: scuba, snorkeling, mountaineering, adventure, outdoor shops & gears
  • NGOs, cooperatives, People’s Organizations, Environmental, Conservation & Green Advocacy groups
  • Academe, educators, youth leaders
  • Concerned citizens and sustainability advocates

Kayangan Eco Center, Coron, Palawan, Philippines

SUPPORT US/CSR OPPORTUNITY. The Coron Initiative (TCI) is seeking the support and collaboration of the Department of Tourism, Department of Environment & Natural Resources, Climate Change Commission, private companies, multinationals & international agencies to enable us to advance in Capacity Building & Training of locals and communities in ecological conservation of marine protected areas utilized for tourism and enhanced economic growth in sustainable way, while helping mitigate effects of climate change. For sponsorships and tailored CSR programs, please contact us.

FOR sponsorship, registration and SSTDI membership benefits, please email: contact SSTDI.


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