Green Getaways – travel and stay green!


Minimize impact, raise sensitivity

It is high time for savvy travelers and globe trotters to re-focus our travel and holiday mindset to SUSTAINABLE TOURISM: satisfying current tourist and host community needs, while protecting and improving future opportunities.


Tourism for people, planet & profit.

It is enjoying our rich natural resources, while maintaining essential ecological processes, cultural integrity and biological diversity of beach destinations and cultural heritage sights, with lesser impact to community and environment.

Fight global climate change

GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE is taking its toll on the planet, wrecking havoc and destruction to our natural environment, rural communities and even big cities! We have to do our part in leaving less impact to the environment.

The message is RESPONSIBLE TRAVEL: let us protect the environment, care about local communities and culture as we explore, experience and enjoy. It’s travelling without a trace, stepping without footprints!

To know more about Sustainable Tourism, read our SSTDI blog posts: click here.

Stepping forward without footprints, embracing sustainability ethos.

Travel with a difference in these genuine GREEN GETAWAYS  such as our Negros Agri-tours, discover Don Salvador Benedicto (DSB) and Care for Coron‘s Tagbanua tribes-  meaningful journeys that touches the soul!

Coron Nature Experience: respect and protect nature

Coron Nature Experience: respect and protect nature

JOIN PERU DREAM TRIP  by Inkaterra, Peru’s Eco Pioneer and Conservation Leader since 1975; 100% Carbon Neutral travel and stay, any day departure. For more information and travel assistance to Peru, visit our Society for Sustainable Tourism & Development Inc. website or contact SSTDI.

The Coron Initiative, The Negros Initiative & The Boracay Initiative are Sustainable Tourism, Conservation and Social Responsibility frameworks being implemented in Coron, Negros Occidental & Boracay with institutional partners Zero Carbon Resorts, Green Hotels & Clean Blue promoting green, eco-friendly and responsible travel.

Travel and stay green at our Green Hotels Asia Pacific member hotels!

Travel and stay green at our Green Hotels Asia Pacific member hotels!

GREEN HOTELS ASIA PACIFIC is our network of the most reliable eco responsible hotels around the world. It works to help the hotel industry embrace sustainability by integrating innovation and added value with environmental actions in a vibrant green global exchange of hoteliers, operators and responsible clients.


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