Lima – enigmatic, frenetic city of contrasts







Called Ciudad de los Reyes (City of Kings) by the Spanish conquerors, the capital city of Lima is much more than the gateway to Peru. With the country’s best museums – more than 20 of them, plus striking baroque and renaissance churches, colonial mansions and palaces, world-class restaurants, and outstanding night life, Lima deserves more than a quick stopover. The old colonial center, now identified as a World Heritage site, was the crown jewel of Spain’s South American empire.



Modern Lima is an enigmatic, energetic city of contrasts, dotted with pre-historic sites and archeological ruins, and comprised of distinctive districts and neighborhoods. Sophisticated San Isidro, with elegant old homes and the lovely Olive Grove; as well as the galleries and bistros of artistic Barranco, and the charming flower filled parks and shops of Miraflores, offer intriguing, uniquely Peruvian, urban destinations.


With Peruvian cuisine having captured the fancy of international epicures, Lima has become Latin America’s gastronomical capital.





 Ceviche, Peru’s original national dish




Novo-andino cuisine, alpaca meat brocheta in Quinotto.




Lima is also a mecca for handicrafts and arts enthusiasts, and a top shopping destination where hundreds of stores offer outstanding traditional crafts of the highest quality, as well as remarkable silver and gold jewelry, antiques, objets d´ art, tapestries, exquisite wood carvings, paintings and pottery. Colorful outdoor markets are popular, filled with dazzling traditional Peruvian items not to be found in shopping malls.


From Frommers:

For most of the year, an unrelenting gray cloud called the garúa hangs heavily overhead, obscuring the coastline and dulling the city’s appearance. Although it virtually never rains in Lima, the sun comes out only from December to April; the rest of the time, Lima makes London look like Lisbon.


NO KIDDING! look at this photo above so gray and misty…. and me still trying to keep fit  in spite of the cold. 8 loooong months in this awful, horrible weather!



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